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ECVPS - How is it?
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ECVPS - How is it?

zhuanyizhuanyi Member
edited January 2013 in Providers

Came across their WHT ads yesterday:

Two features attracted me:

Free DA (and claimed to be fully-managed)
and free additional IPv4

Just wondering if anyone has used them and if so how's the experience. Did the search on WHT but couldn't find any review.


  • IshaqIshaq Member
    edited January 2013

    Opened in 2009, Business Registration Number 51678599.

    They look legit, and established.

  • ECVPS - I used these guys when they were just starting out. I can't say I would go back, because at the time their service wasn't very reliable. However, their support was always good - and the service performance was reasonable.

    Though, I imagine they have drastically changed since 2009. One other thing to note is that at that time, all non "Level 1" support were Chinese-only speakers, which made communication with any more complex issues tough; but they were friendly enough, and their L1 staff happily translated the text out, to save the confusion of what Google Translate might throw out.

    Then again, this review may be entirely out of date...

  • Softlayer, Fully managed, Free IPv4, Free DA, and they also provide free shared hosting to Chinese.
    Too good to be true.

  • use them half-year, at least up to now running well.

  • @klikli said: free shared hosting to Chinese.

    Don't think it is only for Chinese:

    But I agree with the too good to be true part, just curious how they managed to stay afloat in business for this long without getting any reviews (negative or positive)

  • Used this a while ago to host a MC Server in it's early days.

    Service was outstanding on the first node we got, OVZ, when we wanted to upgrade, they suggest a Xen instance with much lower specifications and a much higher price, they seem to have come a bit of a way since then however.

  • Good and fast

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