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Dedicated Server/VPS
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Dedicated Server/VPS

LuaKTLuaKT Member
edited January 2016 in Requests


I'm looking for either a dedicated server or VPS that can offer 10ish IPv4 addresses.
Mid/high end CPU
8GB ram
Any size hard drive
10TB traffic
10 IPv4 addresses

I also need to be able to run Tor relay nodes (Not exit).
10 IP addresses is ideal but I can lower that if necessary.
I only need the server for 2-3 months so want to pay monthly.

Budget is around $40-$50 USD.

Thanks in advance


  • i can provide this in Romania , but ... way 10 ip for tor ?

  • XSXXSX Member, Host Rep

    it's easy, but tor.

  • Wouldn't it be easier to do this on a SoYouStart server with OVH? You'd be getting more specs than your asking for in your price range... Not to mention the unmetered bandwidth. Or you can possibly buy a VPS SSD 3 directly from OVH for $13.49 if the 1gbit port isn't important for you.

  • Thanks all for the comments, I ended up going with ReliableSite and so far so good

  • Available at
    CPU Intel Xeon 3430, Storage 500GB sATA, RAM 8GB DDR3, $39/m
    For 5 IPs +$12, For 13 IPs + $28, For Less storage -$5

  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Host Rep

    Any preference for location?

  • MrRadicMrRadic Member, Patron Provider

    @LuaKT said:
    Thanks all for the comments, I ended up going with ReliableSite and so far so good

    If you run into any issues that you can't resolve through our regular channels, you can always reach out to me at [email protected]

  • letboxletbox Member, Patron Provider

    X5570 8GB RAM 1x1TB 20Gbps DDoS mitigation 10IPS $40 per month.

  • dediededie Member

    Where do you want this.
    I can see one provide with your budget > they provide france, canada and Netherland.
    If you need other provide maybe check > they provide france, canada but them network is bit poor setup

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