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[Transfer]Selling 2 OpenVZ VPS
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[Transfer]Selling 2 OpenVZ VPS

edited November 2011 in Offers

More VPS for sale! So far managed to sell 5 out of the 8 I have for sale.
Reason for sale as specified on my other vps offer page, I have moved a lot of the projects off my collection of small vps onto a dedicated machine and larger more powerful Virtual Servers.

Both VPS are with Alienvps, I managed to avoid problems which others have had and their support has always been great.

1) 192MB Ram, 19GB HDD , 190GB Bandwidth, New york. Paid $19 until July 9th. Yours for $8!
2) 192MB Ram, 19GB HDD , 190GB Bandwidth, Las Vegas. Paid $15 until August 9th. Yours for $10!

Will sell both for $15.
I have still got a further few vps with alienvps, and they have been preforming nicely considering the price.

All offers considered.

Paypal only.


  • Any transfer charges for AlienVPS?

  • They didn't mention any.
    However if a charge emerges I will pay it.

  • edited November 2011

    Prices dropped!

    $5 New york and $7 Las vegas Respectively.

    Or both for $10!

    First come , first served ;)

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited November 2011

    I can take them but I don't get a check until at least the 17th.

    edit: I'm sure someone will snag them before then. Please feel free to do so if you want.

    Is IRC and/or low level torrenting allowed? I;m thinking of using one for the mud and not sure about the other one.

  • kontinuitykontinuity Member
    edited November 2011

    You're a god send. I just lost one of my AlienVPS due to setup issues.
    I'll take the NY one. (or both if you can drop the price further :)) Let me know know the details please.

  • LOL how you can lost a VPS? wtf xD

  • By "lost" I meant, I screwed up the installation. I have to set the whole OS and my apps again :(

  • I would think the provider could recreate the unit/account/container/whatever....

  • Yup im gonna reinstall but I had some custom stuff installed from source.

  • If you still have them I'll take them.

  • I'm really sorry their was a network problem with my isp last night and normal service did not resume till 4 am.

    This is now sold, thanls.

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