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Corgi Tech - VMware VPS for $7 - London (UK) and Dallas (USA) - Last few days at this price.
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Corgi Tech - VMware VPS for $7 - London (UK) and Dallas (USA) - Last few days at this price.

KakashiKakashi Member
edited November 2011 in Offers

We were recently featured on's homepage albeit a bit unexpectedly. At the time we had no more slots left on our EU Host. I am happy to say we now have a new host available in the UK with plenty of room. It's pretty much empty.

Here is what you can get for your $7.

-> 40GB Raid 10 Storage
-> 512MB Dedicated RAM
-> 2 CPU Cores
-> 1TB Bandwidth on a 100mbit connection.
-> VMware Web Control Panel Access.
-> Complimentary weekly backups. and use code : CORGI50

The above code works with all of our offers and will expire on the 27th of November (2 days from now). After that point we will halve the amount of resources and continue to offer it at $7 to maintain presence here. We may choose to extend the offer a bit more on our EU VPS nodes since they weren't available for a while.

We have a few customers here on Lowendbox who I am sure will vouch for our support and quality of service.

Test IP and files for both locations can be found at the bottom of our VPS page :

We only have IPv4 available at the moment. Domain Name registration, Cpanel and Management options are exlcuded from the offer. IRC , Anonymous Proxies, Medium to Heavy Video Encoding, Seedboxes etc... are not permitted.


  • +1 for Junaid and Corgitech, very professional support and the best part is the vSphere control panel that I have got with no other VMWare purchases (VMPort, eNetSouth etc)

    Thanked by 1Kakashi
  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    What can I do with a UK VPS?

  • @netomx said: What can I do with a UK VPS?

    Anything you can do with a VPS anywhere? (within UK law).

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    Well, I was heading to VPN. If I had a VPN there, what can I see that it cannot be seen from putside UK?

  • Your UK location limited to 10Mbps? cant get faster than that on speedtest file.

  • KakashiKakashi Member
    edited November 2011

    I have a Windows VPS on that host and just did a quick speedtest:

    From my home (Virgin Media 50mbit) I was getting around 20mbits on a single connection but maxed with IDM.

  • japonjapon Member
    edited November 2011

    Keep in mind that an external speedtest is not always the best way of checking what speed a VPS can give you. There are limitation on the speedtest side (which server, routing, network do they have since they provide their service for free) and on the VPS end (overall usage of the node atm).

  • Yes I agree completely. But at least it shows in this case that 100mbit can be achieved on a VPS on the same host.

  • Yes right. I'm sorry I was mainly referring to @mina. Didn't make that clean enough.

  • Why is your website so slow? It doesn't inspire confidence in your offerings or your ability to manage your stuff. I am on going through the orderng process and wondering whether I should go ahead.

    Is there a moneyback guarantee? Is it prorated?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    The website is not on their UK servers.

  • That's no excuse. Even my slowest sites on shared hosting in the states do better.If they are a serious crew are they considering how many sales they may have lost just because of the speed of their website?

  • For me their website runs as fast as others. @rchurch are you downloading in bg while surfing?

  • Working fine. I have visited them like 3 times without problems.

  • This would be the first time anyone has reported an issue with our website. It's not hosted with us, but I will investigate the issue further. Even if it's affecting some visitors it's unacceptable.

    About the money back Guarantee, we don't have one for our VPS but usually if a customer asks within 24 hours I have no issue with giving a refund. The billing is not pro rated. I'd rather have happy customers for the month rather than a disgruntled one.

  • rchurchrchurch Member
    edited November 2011

    I have tried from 2 separate locations and each page is taking at least 45secs before the server responds. Something must be wrong in the page design or some other elements like the chat server, graphics or some other item is causing a delay from my location.

    Anyway I will try it and see how it goes

    It looks like the page may have been designed not to display until all the elements are downloaded and some parts from hosts are causing delays. I can view the HTML source of the index.html even when it is not displaying.

    Thanked by 1Kakashi
  • Maybe it's a DNS issue with your set-up?

  • I have to admit that in the past when Comm100 (The Live chat) has been down due to server/network issues on their infrastructure it would take a while for the page to load, due to the timing out of the chat module. However at this moment in time there are no issues reported or that I am experiencing my end.

    I've tested it through a VPS on our French and Dallas hosts and it appears to be loading fine. I haven't finished testing though. I'll let you know if I can replicate the same issue.

  • KakashiKakashi Member
    edited November 2011

    rchurch , I've made a couple of small changes for the index page only. Would you be kind enough and let me know if that's improved things for you.

    Edit: I've found an interesting site Plugged in the site URL there and seemed to be good.

  • WhizzWrWhizzWr Member
    edited November 2011

    Signed up the basic package last night.

    There was some delay with the order processing, your staff notified me there was a problem and it has been sucefully rectified.

    As I'm posting this, the credential provided on WHMCS doesn't work on SSH and your staff seems to a different one via ticket, that doesn't work either.

    Could you point out where is the VMware Web Control Panel Access.
    Unlike Xen/OpenVZ the WHMCS frontend does not have any VPS control on it.

    I'm new on VMWare so I assume this is just the default behaviour (Like root SSH login is not enabled on default?)


  • Hi Whizz,

    I have just read your support call and can see the login issue has been resolved. The area in WHMCS has nothing to do with VMware's control panel as you said and needs to be removed from WHMCS.

    We left it there so that users can specify a login username for Ubuntu or Debian etc..
    I will look to change that to make it more clear.

    You VMware control Panel details will be updated in the ticket soon.

  • Looking forward to the VMware CP details.

    I can vouch for one of your support staff that he is generally helpful and knowledgeable. Good support.

  • Thank you :)

  • Since I can't edit my first post I just wanted to make it clear the 50% offer is no longer valid and did expire as I stated on the 27th.

    To cater for the lowend crowd I've reduced the price of our Basic VPS to $7.

    Windows 2008R2 Std is now free across the board.

    There is no additional offer on the Basic VPS but there is currently an offer for 50% extra RAM / Disk for the Standard and Ultimate VPS packages CODE: CORGIUPGRADE

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