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Optimizing dedicated server
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Optimizing dedicated server

Yes, as the name of this topic saying.

There are plenty of topics about buying / selling server but nowhere I could find instruction or help with optimization Dedicated server.

I'm interested in how best to optimize your server?

It is a Linux Plesk server with Centos OS


  • What do you wish to optimize on your dedicated server? The term optimizing a dedicated server is very broad. You can optimize various things depending on what application you run on your server. Is it a DB server, webserver, host node for VMs? Please be more specific before you post!

  • Umm. You could run some type of virtualization to better utilize your resources? So if you have other services you want to run, use the leftover resources to spin up a new VM and separate it from your main server's functions.

  • I'd recommend to virtualize a dedicated server such as using Proxmox. It keeps things under control.

  • If you want some basic steps.

    1. Move to Debian. It's faster by default.
    2. Don't use control panels like Plesk. Control panels simplify the installation and managing but slows thing down if you know how to configure the server yourself. You should choose from a) Using control panel and have bad performance. b) No control panels, sysadmin to configure your staff, awesome performance.

    To said something more accurate, need to overview your concrete situation.

  • just search google, and also add what you want to optimize. If you dont know. It will be probably webserver and mysql server. So your google query can be: how to optimize ****server

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