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Major issues connecting to KVM VPS
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Major issues connecting to KVM VPS

FreekFreek Member
edited January 2013 in Help

So I bought one of those Backup KVMs from Uncle Sal. Support is/was very helpful, but yet I'm having issues reaching/connecting my KVM VPS from outside Proxmox.
It appears no IPv4 was setup by default, only IPv6. So I tried and setup my IPv4 like this:

ifconfig eth0 my.outside.ipv4.ip netmask up

And it now shows up correctly when typing in ifconfig. Yet, still I'm unable to reach my VPS either over SSH or via http (nginx is installed).
This is a freshly setup KVM with Ubuntu. I have no previous experience with KVM VPSes.
Any pointers?



  • You have to setup the gateway by executing a command like this:

    route add default gw

    Replace the last number in your IP address with .1 and it should work as you are apparently on a /24 network. Check the details that were sent with it.

    DNS may also be necessary but the default gateway normally suffices.

  • Thanks, that indeed did the trick!
    Now I need to find out how to do this on startup, because after I rebooted the VPS, it's unreachable again.

  • Managed to fix it with the help of Uncle Sal :)
    If you are in the same position as I was, here's how to fix it:
    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

    iface eth0 inet static
    address <your.ipv4.ip>
    netmask <your.netmask>
    gateway <your.gateway>


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