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Anyone got a spare APC PDU?
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Anyone got a spare APC PDU?

rds100rds100 Member
edited January 2013 in General

Anyone got a spare APC switchable PDU i can play with for a while? I just need to snmpwalk it for a while, i guess a few hours of remote access would be enough for me.


  • Do you need a specific model? I think I or Adam have one somewhere that we can put on DMZ for our residential ISP, if you'd like.

  • @Damian no i don't care about the model, as long as it is SNMP-able. I have some non-opensource software that works with (can control) APC PDUs and i use custom PDUs which is not APC. So i want to make this software work with my custom PDUs and i am going to write some sort of emulation / relay for this. The problem is i don't currently know how the APC PDUs respond to certain queries so i can emulate them. So i want to send some queries and see what i get back

    tl;dr - yes, it would be great if you can do this for me :)

  • Sounds good, i'll slap Adam around a bit when he's on later, and send you a PM with connection data.

  • Thanks in advance!
    Just setup some non-obvious snmp community (i.e. not "public") so you don't get caught by random bots scanning you.

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