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Help with development VPS.
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Help with development VPS.

pingopingo Member
edited August 2011 in General


Me and my friends are using next technique on my VPS to develop dynamic web sites.

Ubuntu 10.04 LAMP + SVN (subversion) + WebDav (though webdav's intention is totaly different as we use it)

3 people are developing 1 dynamic website, We have general version of the website commited in Subversion repository. So for each person we use its own virtualhost like, and

Each user has its own SVN checked-out version on the VPS (Its good becaus you don't need your LAMP VirtualBox localy, you can edit everything on the server, and adding data to MySQL database infects all 3 virtual host websites version)

To connect to this websites and edit them we use WebDav. I tweaked the virtualhosts and we got it managed to make SVN wokr inside of WebDav share. I tried with FTP but it was painfuly slow or it didn't work at all or i didn't have the SVN menu option in FTP. Before this VPS we had Samba shares for this website that worked with SVN but that was localy.

WebDav suits our need for now. But its kind a slow. Checkout takes like 5 minutes for maybe 10 MB website. Network is not a problem as is 100 mbit.

Is there any way we can access this shares via samba over the internet to VPS, or any other technology that works with SVN because WebDav was never intended to be used as this?


  • Take a look at Git for source control, if I remenber correctly on the last versions your able to use Git over HTTP or HTTPS without having SSH on the local machine that you use.

    You can follow this manual for details on how to setup it.

  • And you can make git "checkout" and "commit" on apache's virtualhost, the way i do now with apache->webdav->svn ?

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