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Nginx installation and config
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Nginx installation and config

so i am basicly new to installing webservers (being a website coder mainly) and have recently ordered a debian 7 64bit vps for one of my projects (before always got webhosting). So i installed nginx "apt-get install nginx -y" and put my files id usually have in "htdocs"/www Folder (i use xampp at home for testing) into "usr/share/nginx/www". After that i restarted nginx. But when i go to my servers ip i get "nginx permission denied". Ive heard id need to configure nginx prior to using it e.g. set my servers ip adress so i followed some digital oceans setup guide (im not with digital oceans thougg) but it still wont work. So i installed nginx again now (reset).and now i dont knoe anymore.. what is it basicly i need to edit after installing nginc via apt-get cmd? I also might need zlib enabled but i cant figure out how.

im with backupsy and i heard some guy here @severian @servian ? Runs it but dunno if they do setups?

Kind regards,

i appreciate any help!


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