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Need codes
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Need codes

rahulksrahulks Member
edited December 2012 in General

discount codes of

and whats your openion about them?


  • PacketVMPacketVM Member, Patron Provider

    Really... You need discount coupons for Virpus?

  • codes for 1 month ?

  • Please just get a job. Please.

  • i am not old enough to get a job

  • Then I suggest you find 'under the table' work.

  • @Cirium Like the drug dealing monkey from hangover, type of job? :-)

  • God damnit. This is the 4956th time you've opened a thread about discounts, codes, and renew crap. I told you to stop doing this. You said "sorry, this is the last". Use the search bar, it's there for a reason.

  • Try to use your mouse/ whatever along with less words (i.e. use search), also check LEB. Get you answer. Stop making useless threads.

    My Mind -> BOOM!
    So So many threads and no reply! Its it.

  • WunderbarWunderbar Member
    edited December 2012

    @Cirium said: Then I suggest you find 'under the table' work.

    Really? You want a discount on a $30 yearly 512MB Xen? Do what Cirium said: get a job.

    And please stop making threads asking for discounts for every provider.

  • risharderisharde Member, Host Rep
    edited December 2012

    As a past customer of Virpus, the performance nor support is great and I wouldn't pay for a whole year upfront because you won't get a refund during your time there, they will only allow account credit which makes no sense to you because IF you become an unsatisfied with the service, you can only use the credit to purchase back the same poor service if you understand what I'm saying. Also, I encountered 2 separate occassions where they lost data on the OpenVZ nodes I was put on (good thing I had made backups). With all the being said, they're already cheap as is but if you are looking for codes, the only codes I ever came across is from here: which is basically to get directadmin or cpanel for free depending on the size of VPS you buy with them.

    Good luck, for your sake, you shouldn't put your production sites on their infrastructure. Just a friendly warning.

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