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CorelDraw x7 license (non-edu/home)
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CorelDraw x7 license (non-edu/home)

MikePTMikePT Moderator, Patron Provider


A friend of mine is opening a new company and he's looking to purchase a CorelDraw x7 license for his company. Thing is, it can be used, which is fine, but can't be Edu/Home, since this is for a company.

The lowest we're able to see gets close to 260 euros, do you guys have any places to buy even used licenses for less money?

Thank you in advance,


  • Still exists corel lol?

    Thanked by 1raindog308
  • netomxnetomx Moderator

    @WHT said:
    Still exists corel lol?

    Yes, visual design companies use it.

    Thanked by 1WHT
  • MikePTMikePT Moderator, Patron Provider

    Yes, still exist. It's a pretty good product, tho. Photoshop is image modification/improvement, Corel is used for other tasks, such as projects, etc that envolve large image manipulation, dimensions, etc. I'm not savvy about it though.

  • I dont know if the upgrade to CorelDraw x7 would be worth paying the full price thats a great savings for X6...but i hear you can rent the full X7 suite for 24.95 month to month or 16.50 for 1 year paid up still testing aurorahdr soft and searching for cheaper one

    Thanked by 1MikePT
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