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Unlimited Bandwith
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Unlimited Bandwith

xprotoceptxprotocept Member
edited August 2011 in General

Any hosts that offer Unlimited Bandwith/Traffic?

Hope to get a good answer


  • eLohkCalbeLohkCalb Member
    edited August 2011

    I believe there's no such thing as unlimited bandwidth.

    There is unmetered though, I think FDCServers does it on their VPS plans but it's over the usual LEB budget.

    Also, I think you could locate some unmetered hosts here -

  • Agreed that there's no such thing. Running a shared webhost, I have to explain this time and time again to new clients who get canned by their previous host for using too much space or bandwidth what "unlimited" really means.

  • "How I wished I could offer Unlimited B/W" Simply not true....

  • Hetzner offers unmetered bandwith, though they will restrict the line to 10mb/s after you use up certain amount, depending on your plan.

  • Rapid{xen,kvm} offers unmetered bandwidth.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    Not quite. Their unmetered is up to 2Mbit, so 600G/m :)


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  • @Francisco yeah, but still unmetered. Although it's a bit overprice for today standar ^_^

  • No such thing as "Unlimited" bandwidth since there would be a limit somewhere in a pipeline but if a provider has the capacity to provide unmetered bandwidth, I don't see a problem with it.

    However, to answer the original question, I haven't seen any LEB's with unlimited bandwidth.

  • PhotonVPSPhotonVPS Member, Host Rep

    The price of an unmetered VPS would probably disqualify it from being a LEB.

  • PhotonVPS said: The price of an unmetered VPS would probably disqualify it from being a LEB.

    512kbps unmetered is still unmetered

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  • gianggiang Veteran
    edited August 2011 seems offer unmetered traffic (1Gbps for first 50GB and after that they will lower to 25Mbps :D)

  • We, at 123COM offer "Unmetered" bandwidth on our OpenVZ and shared hosting plans.

    If you're interested.

  • @123COM Self promotion aside, there's no AUP or ToS in place that gives specifics about that "unlimited" offer. Also considering that one of the datacenters you use is OVH, I have to wonder how much you can honestly get away with.

  • @drmike One of our datacentres we indeed use is OVH - however that is not going to be in place for those named VPS plans with an unmetered line.

    My apologies go for the self-promotion, and all other leases have an agreement to an unmetered line.

    Our AUP describes the medium for unmetered features - under the "Abuse of Unlimited Featured" heading.

  • Don't think a host can offer unlimited bandwidth. However, unmetered is possible. And also remember you will be limited by the port speed on your VPS.

  • We have used OVH for the last 3 years and its not as good as you see it now. Offering Unmetered on ovh seems cool, but when they notice it, they will silently throttle you without your knowledge. And they have enforced their TOS now.. Make sure you read their about web hosting blabla ....

    Whether it is unlimited or unmetered, remember a VPS is on a shared platform and you will never be able to max it out or use as much as you want because their is a limit to everything.

  • Go59954Go59954 Member
    edited August 2011

    Unmetered is possible and is widely offered, but even though it's unmetered, it's still capped with port speed! That's the whole issue.

    If you have unmetered node , that means you can use your port speed up to 100% during 24h a day. Meaning if you can download at 10M/s maximum, you can do that from your node all the time without an issue, if you have an unmetered node from a datacenter that offers so.

    So, if your node port speed is 100mbps, your VPS host might be able to offer you for example 10mbps unmetered , or in worst case 5mbps unmetered. Which is in reality dividing the whole unmetered connection on smaller "virtual" unmetered connections.

    So, you can get a host with unmetered BW and have a peace of mind about reaching your limit of data transfer. But the only thing it will be with limited data transfer speed, you will get a tiny portion of the whole node connection speed, in an 'Unmetered node'.

    However, nowadays a lot of hosts offers you a maximum of, say, 500 gb/month , which is around 200kb/s unmetered!!! BUT is much better in practice, because you usually can push that 500GB at any speed you want, either at >=200kb/s all the time, or even maxing your connection limit whether it's 100mbps or 1gbps, at some peak times every week/day/hour.

    The high majority of uses won't go even near 50% of offered (metered) BW. That is why metered VPS, in most cases, is your better choice!

    Therefore it will depends on your usage/need after all.

  • It's hard to get quality with unmetered bandwidth while still maintaining a lowend value.

    Even though prices have dropped quite a bit, Bandwidth is still one of the highest costs in hosting (aside from electricity).

    So if you land on an "unmetered" plan, chances are you are sharing that line with alot of people.

    For some people, they want the quantity; for others, they push for quality.

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