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Need help with some documentation - If someone has it available? SOPs / JDs / Staff performance
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Need help with some documentation - If someone has it available? SOPs / JDs / Staff performance

Hey Guys,
Really need urgent help. All of you must be link with IT Network Management, Administration and System administration someway or the other. All people would be into business running their own small or medium enterprise and other would also be working in some firms.
So I need some documents that either you have access to or have made for your employer or for your own business.

1- I need SOP (standard operating procedures) for IT System Admin and IT Support Staff (Layer 1/Layer 2). Or some SOP related to IT Systems infrastructure.

2- I would need JD (Job Descriptions - functional) of IT System admins and IT Support staff (Level 1/ Level 2)

3 - Also I need some performance evaluation report or document of the IT related people (system admins and IT support)

4- Any project reports that you can provide of a completed project.

Please help me out as I am travelling and need some documents on which I can work, modify according to my requirement. Really stuck up so cannot work on these from scratch.

I assure that I would not be breaching any crucial info or any info that anyone wants to make public, all of you company related info would be removed and things will be rewritten and modified. Its for private use and would not be made public.

Please inbox me so I can give you my email. Word documents would be appreciable as they will be easy to edit.

Request: Please do not offer me templates or advise to get help from some document writing guides as I have tried that today and its a long shot and I am stuck so really need help in this.

Thanks in advance.


  • Now those are not something you can't get easily, as they are the core of an organization.

    Besides there are differences depends on what line of business you are in. For example, IT Network Management for Data Center is totally different with IT Network Management for financial institution, health care institution, or fabrication industries, etc.

    There are also Job Description that requires minimum certification standards depends on the industry and local regulations.

    So, what line of business are you in?

  • Guys I was sent by my company on a project so could not check LET.
    @vRozenSch00n Well my field is IT Network and system management for data center and remote support.

  • Most of my docs are in Bahasa Indonesia if you're interested, I'll prepare it and upload it.

  • @vRozenSch00n yes sure I can translate them. If would be great if you can copy them to me. We can use dropbox of some other file sharing mechanism.
    I would be thankful.

  • @gtrax Ok, I'll prepare the documents and PM you later.

  • @vRozenSch00n hey thanks. Got your pm and just downloading the docs. I am sure they will help.

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