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NodeDeploy XMAS Deals - 1GB GER KVM for $6.95
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NodeDeploy XMAS Deals - 1GB GER KVM for $6.95

PhilNDPhilND Member
edited December 2012 in Offers

Happy Holiday folks.. we've had this planned for a few months and with our new facility and our new hardware, we're able to make this a reality. I want to stress a few things about this offer - It is not the typical run of the mill.

We're focusing on taking our business where it needs to go, I always imagined 'Node Deploy' being a true cloud, where you're literally able to spin up instances and 'Deploy' servers in any of our locations. Now, the offer isn't the same as our previous ones where you're getting a butt load of random I/O to brag about your dd test speeds, this is about true performance on enterprise levels. We're aiming for 100% uptime across all new deployed KVM nodes - A maximum of 32 containers will be on the physical node, ensuring that you're getting guaranteed network through-put and the amount of CPU required to run complex applications.

Overall this has been a brilliant year and we thank our clients who have done repeated business with us!

Host node specs -:
E3 1230 V2
4x1TB Adaptec Hardwarer RAID w/ BBU
2x1000Mbit bonded
Physical MAX of 32

The plan -
4 Cores @ 3.3Ghz - 825Mhz dedicated and guarenteed.
1GB Dedicated RAM
50GB ** RAID 10 Backed DISK
Unmetered Inbound / 350GB Out
2x **1000
mbit fully burstable
1 Dedicated IPv4
Location - Germany only for now.

Whats planned?

Currently we're running SolusVM - It's not doing what we need. We're currently developing a custom control panel built from the ground we expect this to be released Q3-4 of next year with select clients being selected to beta test. Features include, HA ip floating automatically, integrated dns, rdns, reinstallation, internal traffic routing and much more that I'm not allowed to talk about.. yet ;)

We're also looking into releasing and rolling out SSD Servers around the same time as the control panel.



ps. shoot a ticket/pm if I missed something.. tis' late! :)


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