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SimpleNode 256MB KVM & 512MB KVM - $4 and $7
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SimpleNode 256MB KVM & 512MB KVM - $4 and $7

SimpleNodeSimpleNode Member
edited December 2012 in Offers

So our last offer didn't go too well.... (DDoS attack on our site). Anyways;


  • Don't do things illegal under US law
  • IRC is OK for legitimate uses only
  • Private VPNs OK
  • No Adult content

  • Dallas, Texas (Incero)

  • Gigabit Connection
  • RAID10 with BBU
  • KVM Virt.
  • Custom ISOs on request, Windows on request (BYO License Key)
  • SolusVM CP
  • Solus KVM v2 Templates
  • Intel Xeon E3 Nodes

KVM - Mini
1 CPU Core
512MB Dedicated RAM
25GB Disk Space
500GB Bandwidth @ Gigabit

$7/mo (With K4WFJH4OYWGK4 coupon)

LowEndTalk 256MB KVM Special
1 CPU Core
256MB Dedicated RAM
15GB Disk Space
500GB Bandwidth @ Gigabit

@telephone's awesome Looking Glass: (Includes test files)

This is a new product range, feel free to post benchmarks :).

@ServerBear of our KVM plans;

A few odd ISOs are available, for example;

  • Plan 9
  • System Rescue CD
  • #! 11 (Crunchbang 11)
  • Android ICS
  • ReactOS
  • SolusOS

Custom ISOs are added by request.


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