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Getting Clients
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Getting Clients

I just recently setup my company, I am still working out some kinks with my whmcs integration, but other than that My services are open for business. I am looking for advise on getting my first 100 clients. Or even my first client. I have posted an ad on WHT But I believe due to the error with my whmcs integration I was unable to get any customers as well my pricing is not $1.00 per month pricing. I am willing to off deep discounts for the first month and small recurring discounts. But Aside from Advertising on Forums and word of mouth how can I let people know of my companies existence, and then get them as customers?


  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran
    edited November 2015

    Your prices are fine but they're "safe." People will praise you for that, but those people won't pay you a dime. Don't oversell much on reseller hosting, those people actually use what they buy. Oversell on regular shared hosting storage, raise your allocations. People with loud opinions will tell you that's wrong, those people aren't buying, and it works fine.

    Regular shared hosting customers don't use the storage they buy, but they're scared of hitting low limits because they don't know what they use, that just isn't something they know about.

    Also increase your focus on applications. Can I host my Wordpress there? Of course I can, but the newbie might ask this. Where does it say Wordpress is available? You're talking to people who can't do things for themselves, so you want to market the things that are important to them up front.

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  • WHT:

    It is a large screen to post your ads, slowly and patiently, here you can also advertise, keep looking elsewhere.

    try to offer different services. etc

  • Thank you I will take that information and add it to my list of other recommendations I get.

  • Need more SEO posts around the internet.

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  • Just be patient don't use cheap prices to get clients users usually prefer quality over price. They want to pay for quality hardware not cheap prices and shitty hardware just keep that in mind.

  • Thank you Everybody for your Comments, Please keep them comming I love getting feedback and learning. @IgniteServers I agree Cheap Pricing is not the way to go. The only time my cost is quite low is on my current wht ad, where I offered a large discount for the first month and a twitter ad I posted to a few pages.

  • Try Facebook and target PBN (private blog network) groups. They're after cheap hosting on a spread of hosts/IPs and will be easy customers to have with relatively deep pockets.

    Join and read some Internet marketing forums. This isn't a great place to talk about earning money...

  • Thank you for the Feedback!

  • SSL would also be nice to have especially on the WHMCS portion.

  • I have SSL On that. Not on the main site, but the client area I have it setup.

  • ehabehab Member
    edited November 2015

    more honey for LET members on offers would be super.

  • I love honey especially local honey, hence the name.

  • :) what location is that?

  • Illinois, but I travel alot and If I get allergies when I am traveling I go out and find a location usually a farmers market that has local honey. It is known to help with allergies and other health issues.

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  • HostHoney, i wish you good luck and lookforward to see your offers here on LET. just wanted to add about honey is it is mentioned in quran that it has healing abilities.

  • I do not Read the Koran, I have read it one time to do a study for school when I was in a christian School. I wont get into a debate about religion or anything just leave it at that. Have a great day

  • Its a big market but I wish you the best man, site looks good just need a SSL.

  • @igniteServers are you talking about ssl on my main website or client area?

  • Like @Jar said, focus on your shared hosting, they're the money makers. Put it on your front page, either on the slider or below with a call to action button. Regular folks don't care so much about the details of the package because they don't understand it.

    • Put your yearly or monthly price (choose one)
    • Put the disk space, cpu and ram in the same line
    • convert the bandwidth to estimated visitors
    • Call to action 'order now' every shared hosting package or the best three

    Then all your common features in one box below but not too much. I'd say the seo tool, lightspeed (let them know it make the server fast) and cloudflare (let them know it also makes it fast and has basic DDoS protection. Everyone knows what DDoS is these days. And highlight your softaculous and the one click installs of common popular software. Then read more or more details.

    Remember your landing page/home page is where you make your first impression. And you want to convert that impression into something more. Otherwise you'll get pretty bad bounce rates. Unless its a one-pager site in which case bounce rate is a useless metric.

  • Social networking, guest blogging, social media. Focus on building good relationships within the industry. It happens faster than you would think and the sales follow. Consider a NPO sponsorship system people appreciate this greatly and their appreciation is gold when it comes to word of mouth.

  • Thank you for all the advise. I have made a couple changes, and appreciate the suggestions and information.

  • Xarff said: NPO sponsorship system

    I tried looking that up but I only got info about our national TV stations (NPO).

    Care to elaborate? :-)

  • classy said: I tried looking that up but I only got info about our national TV stations (NPO).

    Care to elaborate? :-)

    It's the second entry if you search wikipedia for 'NPO'.

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