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XLVPS Deadpooled?
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XLVPS Deadpooled?

xaitmixaitmi Member
edited November 2015 in General

I was a client of theirs for about the last 2 years now.

Multiple VPS's with them.

The operation is ran by 1 guy, Kurt.

They stopped relying to my tickets about 2 weeks ago.

I made one ticket every few days for the past 2 weeks and not a single reply.

All my VPS's are still online, but their website is offline as of today.


Does anyone recommend a place I can get cheap Windows VPS's.

I need about 8.

Specs: 1gb ram 20gb hdd

I was paying XLVPS $3/m for each vps with those specs with Windows Server 2008 trial


  • hope you don't mind me saying, it'll be good to have a higher budget if you want stable services, else your next provider may be the same :)

  • Take a look at OVH offers, the prices are good enough.

  • Hi.

    He just replied to my ticket and they are indeed going to shutdown.

    **_"I apologize for the delay. It has been decided that we are closing our doors. We will be sending out an announcement later today. Everyone will have 14 days to backup any needed data. We will be keeping the Florida node to fulfill any contracts that are longer than month to month.

    We're also shopping around the domain name and logos for anyone interesting in buying the brand.

    I appreciate your business. I just can't continue putting my own money into something that's never going to be profitable."_**

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  • This is why you don't try to compete in the low end market. That pricing was totally unrealistic for long term operations.

  • xaitmi said: Specs: 1gb ram 20gb hdd

    I was paying XLVPS $3/m for each vps with those specs with Windows Server 2008 trial

    There is your problem. Simple as that.

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  • @William said:
    There is your problem. Simple as that.


    Almost 2 years, and only had 1 issue (network outage couple of hours), it was good while it lasted.

  • And kurt is an awesome person :)

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  • I also was with XLVPS for 2 years. Renewal was coming up in December. They were a very stable host, I can't think of a single problem I ever had with them (other than when they moved from Chicago to Phoenix)

  • Almost 2 years, and only had 1 issue

    Reasonable for the time it lasts I guess, when you pay monthly.

  • Unsustainable pricing. Unfortunate to say the least, but surprising they lasted this long.

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  • JunklessJunkless Member
    edited November 2015

    To op : If Europe is not an issue, have a look at Aruba cloud 12 Euro per year offer (exactly what you need, 1 core, 1 Gig of memory and a 20 gigger disk.)

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    ElixantTechnology said: Unsustainable pricing.

    Oh I don't know...$600/month for a 512MB Linux VPS seems pretty sustainable. Maybe not salable...

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  • Get the one or 5 gig cheaper.

  • Rob92Rob92 Member
    edited November 2015

    Got this email from them this morning.

    "Dear Customer,

    We are writing to inform you that XLvps is closing its doors on November 15th. We appreciate everyone's business, but in the end we just can't continue to operate without making a profit.

    Please backup any data you may need before this time as they servers are being turned back over to the providers on that day.

    If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]


    XLvps Staff"

    Been a customer for nearly 2 years. Very little downtime. Paid $4 a month for a 1GB KVM with 50GB HDD space. After a hard drive crash they upgraded me to 2GB of RAM for free. Been a great run with them and I'm surprised they've lasted this long. The disk I/O was amazing and the network, even though capped at 100mbps, never seemed overloaded.

    Edit: Anyone know of any other providers that offer something similar? Need to be able to use a custom Windows ISO if possible, I can provide a license key.

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