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Best Use of MySQL servers?
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Best Use of MySQL servers?

GM2015GM2015 Member
edited October 2015 in Help

I just wanted to ask what's the best use practice for separation of webstacks(exluding database) and mysql databases?

I'm trying to find a use for LES servers and want to deploy websites(wordpress) and wordpress needs databases unfortunately.

What's an acceptable ping/distance for a webapplication(like wordpress) and mysql to be still usable?

I've made two separations of LNMP stacks in California and Netherlands and now I want to try it for a third time in Miami.

In California(Digitalocean) the ping between two droplets is 0.45ms and in Netherlands, it's around 0.3-0.4 ms.

So in my two examples, the separation isn't noticeable.

In Miami, I happen to have two inception ovz servers on the same physical node and the ping is minimal on the same node.

But what about cross-country deployments of nginx+php5-fpm and mariadb?


  • You should have no issues as long as it's in the same racks and connection. 0.3/0.4ms aren't really much to feel it. Bigger latency isn't that bad either but you will feel it when pages are loading. There will be a bigger wait because it takes those X ms longer for PHP to grab the stuff from the database in addition to the time the database needs to proceed the query.

    Thanked by 1GM2015
  • @GM2015 Have you tried Wordpress Sqlite? it is easier to backup. You just need to tar and untar the whole shebang when you want to move to another server.

    Thanked by 1GM2015
  • @vRozenSch00n said:
    GM2015 Have you tried Wordpress Sqlite? it is easier to backup. You just need to tar and untar the whole shebang when you want to move to another server.

    Is it possible to convert existing MySQL WP dbs to SQLite? I have issues on MariaDB with WP dbs from former MySQL 5.5 servers.

    Thanked by 1GM2015
  • Yes, you just have to import the data to sql format and restore it to you sqlite WP.

    However, it is better to test it first in your dev server. sqlite WP will run faster on an SSD drive or SSD cached drive.

    Thanked by 2teknolaiz GM2015
  • If you will only display data from sql you can cache everything with nginx. A little bit slow to admin (no cached data) but without problems up to 200ms.

    Thanked by 2GM2015 Rolter
  • Wordpress works great on sqlite, and on those 128mb boxes not having MySQL really helps!

    On my old site I had the MySQL server in the UK and webserver in France with 16ms between and no issues.

    Thanked by 2GM2015 vRozenSch00n
  • If you have less than 1000 requests per second to php then you can simply separate php and mysql. If you have more requests per second, long-running tasks, slow website (which is similar to long-running tasks), or need to handle layer 7 DDoS attacks (which is similar to more requests per second), you should consider using local mysql server or some customized solution.

    Thanked by 1GM2015
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