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date-time difference
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date-time difference

I have some datetime columns in a MSSQL db... start_time/ End_time.
Each containing values in format "2015-01-03 05:45:01"

I want to find the difference between the end time and start time. What is the best way to achieve the same? For eg:
End Time: "2015-01-03 05:45:01"
Start Time: "2015-01-03 01:35:01"
--> 4 hours 10 minutes (or likes)

There is a possibility that my start time and end time span multiple days.

I tried datediff, but, it does not give accurate results. Any help is appreciated.


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  • You did SELECT DATEDIFF(minute, '2015-01-03 05:45:01', '2015-01-03 01:35:01') ? What kind of accuracy do you want? What do you mean by inaccurate?

    Maybe the columns are in different timezones, which might make it look incorrect.

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