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Scaleway per instance SSH keys?
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Scaleway per instance SSH keys?

Anyone here having any luck with per instance SSH keys on scaleway,

The comments their boot scripts place into the authorized keys file suggests that keys can be added to the server tags with the spaces replaced with _ but i've tried and it doesn't seem to like it.

Also another option is supposed to be to use /.ssh/authorized_keys2 however their fetch-ssh-keys script seems to just try to blindly execute this as if it was a bash script rather than parse it for keys. (At least on their ubuntu 14.04 image)

I currently have a case open with support, but I'm getting some absolutely brain dead answers from them like pointing me to the generic ubuntu docs for key based auth, which is not helpful when it's their scripts that are messing about with it in the first place, if it was a standard ubuntu install I'd stick the keys in authorized keys and be done with it.

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