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kgninfoskgninfos Member
edited August 2011 in General

how to list a sit on
i have a website where we offer Linux vps from $4/Mo and windows vps from $7/Mo
i have tried mailing them many times but to no worth
if anyone can help me get listed i will give 30% off to him on 2 vps.




    if you have done this then all you can do it wait I guess. It is still up to admin to list offers here or not.

  • am waiting since 2 months

  • Patience ...

  • you can publish your offer on the offers section of LET

    before you do read the offers posting rules

  • Lets see your domain data, its not complete. No test file on youre site, and also a couple of pages that link to no place. A recent domain transfer and your order form for vps doesnt allow to not use a domain name (whcms error)

    Check your site, and resubmit to the blog, or become a member of the community by following the rules like @camarg mention.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited August 2011

    Under the Amazing People That We Host page, you list Microsoft.


    No network information, no datacenter information, no history, no ToS, no AUP,...

  • I would love to Host MS

    Anyway, You must include a TOS / AUP on your Website. It's a sign of a good host.

  • I would love to Host MS

    I wouldn't. Can you imagine how much they much get targeted?

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    KGN Infosystems - Cheap Deidicated Server, VPS, Cloud Hosing, Windows Hosting, Shoutcast, Cheap Domain

    Spell check.

  • Don't forget:

    Cloud Hosing

    To be honest, the whole site needs work. Of course the last time I told a host that....

    Are you sure you want to be listed on LEB at this stage?

  • thank you all for your comments
    we will shortly include the aup and tos page
    and about the domain thing in VPS who buys a domain with vps??

    we will shortly be uploading test file and datacenter info

    about the site microsoft check the sub heading "Strategic Partner"

    and as per your suggestion we have changed the heading to "Partnership and Network Information"

    Thank you all

  • Yeah, follow everyone advices here. At this stage a LEB post might end up kills your brand.

  • Exactly: LEB can up your traffic and Kill it too.

  • What everyone said.

    You emailed me on 11 June for inclusion on LowEndBox. I replied later that

    • Your ordering system was broken (at the time I checked)
    • No info on your network

    Okay. You responded soon afterwards. Your ordering system was fixed later, but your Partnership and Network Information page just screams grids-of-useless-logos. Didn't really have time to respond to you as I was heading off for my holidays in July...

    If I post your site on LowEndBox, those would be the points I picked + many others, as most people on LEB are in the criticise mode. That's won't be good for your business.

  • thank you admin
    after the comments of users form here we are fixing all that thing
    can you please point out what more thing we need to include
    we are aware of the following facts

    no test file is there to check network speed
    no TOS and AUP page we are about to fix that in next 24 hrs.

    apart from this if you have any suggestion please tell us so that we can rectify it.

  • fanfan Veteran

    StartCom free ssl......

  • as most people on LEB are in the criticize mode

    They do get a plus one though for sticking their necks out here. I don't think that's what they had panned on doing but still.

    The higher end VPSes don't have ssh access? That's strange.

    Also the green and white text on the white background along the left hand side under Addons is pretty much unreadable. I know what it says as I'm in this industry but Mrs. Joe Smith wouldn't be able to read it. Nor understand what those terms mean.

    The Addon table is also poorly laid out. Looks like going left to right, the Software row is the 750 and 13 Usable rows. Makes little sense to me.

    Also What's CloudLinux? CPanel? Why would I need 13 usable IP addresses? Why not 14?

    For the VPS table, I would make it show 1 included and not up to 253. With how you have it, you're offering up to 253 with each and every VPS. Yes, I know there's an extra fee but you don't have that there. Per that table, they're included.

    Your menu along the top, the Home link is highlights on I believe every page. At least as far as I can tell. Normally the page you're on is what gets highlighted.

    Your little blank and white popups on your Network page over your icons don't work in FF 3.6.16. I'd get rid of them. Useless anyway.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    13 ip's falls snuggly within a /28 is why :)

    Anyways, cloudlinux does not work on OpenVZ so i'm not sure how he plans to offer it - it requires its own kernel.


  • Yup, I know that and you know that but not everybody else knows that.

  • Lots of spelling errors on the site as well. Would affect greatly if listed.

  • we have xen vps also but not promoting them as they are not cheap

  • and spelling errors where??

  • One example:
    Gear up your VPS with these affordale addons.
    Enough said.

    Thanked by 1kgninfos
  • thanks fixed now and guys can you please mail me any error if found to [email protected] instead of posting here

  • There aren't just spelling errors, lots of grammatical errors are made as well. I suggest you check your site for these errors.

  • we have made a few changes to our site have a look for the TOS pages and links.
    about to upload a 10Mb test file and link to Network page

  • thanks fixed now and guys can you please mail me any error if found to [email protected] instead of posting here

    Well, that means you don't want to be listed.

    Can't have it both ways.

  • guys can you check the site again for any errors.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited August 2011

    is it me or does the page only look half cut... some boxes are empty no banner..... could go on however i felt sorry for the guy and thought u know what it might have been my internet not loading page so i refreshed and refreshed and refreshed in end i guess that is just what the site looks like will post a screenshot of what i see who knows it might be my internet.

    SORRY but you did ask us to check for errors.

  • LESLES Member

    Yes, template is terrible on internet explorer.

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