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is runabove closing free service?
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is runabove closing free service?

ehabehab Member
edited October 2015 in General

interesting link

What about users of Power 8, 1 click data discovery, 1 click apps LABS ?

These 3 labs didn’t reach the “success” phase of our labs and will be closed or maybe re-engineered, at a later time, into new services or offers. These three labs will be officially closed on and fully stopped by the end of October.


  • I hope they let users enjoy the DAAS until the 3 months run out. I constantly have connection problems to the desktop, so they might ditch that too.

    I also noticed they're selling win srv 12 on OVH cloud without mentioning licence fees.

    I wonder how could they sell windows servers on runabove for that cheap. Were these trial licenced servers?

  • GM2015 said: Were these trial licenced servers?


    They're only closing the projects that moved over to, already asked them to verify that, but still waiting, opened a ticket last week.... OVH.

  • Do not forget that runabove was a temp service from the beggining, with no SLA.

  • FrecyboyFrecyboy Member
    edited October 2015

    So the Sandboxes will be vanished until the end of the year.

    @vFuse you're still using them, right?

  • sinsin Member

    Try out the new ovh vpses...I have one of those $3.49 SSD VPS 2016 in their NA datacenter and for the past 2 months it's been great, no downtime and performance has been good.

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