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Stream home video library to web browser?
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Stream home video library to web browser?

FreekFreek Member
edited December 2012 in Help

I've been struggling for while to access my video library on my home-made NAS.
Webdav doesn't support video streaming, ftp isn't what I'm looking for, SAMBA is not safe and blocked by my ISP...
Pretty much what I want is just to view my videos on my NAS without having to install any other software at the other end. So streaming in a web browser would be a nice alternative, but I can't seem to find exactly what suits my need.
I am not looking to setup a 'video stream' as in webcam streaming or continuous streaming of a video feed. No, I would like to be able to select a file that has to be played, with .srt support....
I checked around and VLC looks like an option but I'm not sure of it. Before wasting another couple of hours I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for the situation I am trying to achieve?



  • What OS is your NAS on? There are some programs that are made to do this.

  • You can throw nginx up on there and do pseudostreaming over Flash/HTML5 with the inbuilt FLV/MP4 plugins.

  • @Spencer said: What OS is your NAS on? There are some programs that are made to do this.

    Sorry, totally forgot. Windows 7....

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    For what it's worth, and this doesn't address everything, I stream h264 files on browser with basic lighttpd installation. Typically mac and iPad but I'd think it would work elsewhere with QuickTime installed.

  • Hm.

    You could try and mash something together with this?

    Create a basic script, so that if you load up[example], it'll show [example].mp4 + [example] in PHP.

    Can't be too difficult, right?


  • @ElliotJ said: Can't be too difficult, right?

    Thanks, neat idea but this time I'm looking for something more plug-and-play if possible.

    @KnightSwarm_Phillip said:

    Isn't this just a media player with library function?

  • I second as well. They have recently added a full web interface were you can stream and download any content. Works really well. They have great iOS and Android apps as well. You also hack an Apple TV to work with it. Smart LG TVs support plex, there is a hack for samsung TV/Blueray plays or you can use any DLNA client as well.
    I have been using it for a couple of years and can't speak highly enough of it. PM me if you want a demo.

  • I installed Plex and must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Looks very well and works well but only on low bitrates. It's CPU can't handle the transcoding of HD content (too slow) and it sadly does not support GPU transcoding.. So I am still looking for an alternative with GPU transcoding if possible.
    Or I'll replace the thing with a new server. Has given me enough headaches. Not sure what I'll do yet.

  • edited December 2012

    @KnightSwarm_Phillip said:

    ^ Plex rulez! :D

    I have the Plex Media Server running on my Mac, and stream Movies & TV Shows to my iPad and Samsung TV.

    I even do 1080p over WiFi on the Samsung!

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