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Dedi with small /29 subnet & fault tolerant storage < $25/m.
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Dedi with small /29 subnet & fault tolerant storage < $25/m.

postcdpostcd Member
edited September 2015 in Requests


im looking for small dedi server for public website hosting (increased abuse)

it should have:

  • /29 subnet assigned to it

  • 26Ghz total cpus frequency

  • 12GB RAM+

  • data storage that is fault tolerant, device will not die or mirroring., IOPS similar like SAS to SSD. my software raid died two times, so im afraid of it since. 240gb disk space minimum

  • data transfer limit 15tb/month+ (will be lower)

  • geo location does not mater (prefer non usa)

the price should be <$25/month

Thank You for the offer


  • WilliamWilliam Member
    edited September 2015

    Yep, not going to happen. You are also weirdly assuming that CPUs are added together, which is not true at all.

    No chance for SSDs or SAS at 25$, lol what the hell do you expect....

    And the non-USA as well... yea no, this entire request is impossible, from start to end.

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  • If you added $15, you might be able to get a single SSD or SAS box that matches the other specs.. in the US though. I don't see you getting close to anything like that in Europe.

    QuickPacket has L5520s at $35 w/ a single SSD, so add more for a bigger one. Delimiter has I think E5420s and L5520s at $30-ish with 8GB ram and single SSD. Dacentec has an L5420 at $40 with 16GB ram and 2x120GB SSDs.

    Europe options are OVH or - and unless you want a single drive you'll need to double your budget. Might be able to find a SYS box with SSDs for $50-ish/mo.

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  • sorry mate, too low $70 on RAID 10+1 KVM VM yes

  • @NocRoom said:
    sorry mate, too low $70 on RAID 10+1 KVM VM yes

    Second violation. READ THE RULES LOCATED HERE:

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