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Virtualizor - Can't delete VMs ?
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Virtualizor - Can't delete VMs ?

Hi, I?m new with virtualizor and installed on a new dedi. But after creating 3 vps, I can't telede them. It's like the X button is specifically disabled for this purpose. I could remove one of the VPS, but not others.

Anyone knows why can this be ? thanks


  • wychwych Member
    edited September 2015

    What virtualization/config?

    Have you opened a ticket/contacted support?


  • I have enabled the multivirtualization option just some poor steps ago.

    Of course I already sent a ticket, but I'm not sure when I will have its reply.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Was there some error?

    Thanked by 1wych
  • Absolutelly nothing. No errors, no logs .... it's something about the control panel, suddenly Delete option was like "disabled" coz is doing nothing when I click in it.

    So weird

  • I just noticed that suspend option does exactly the same.

  • @KeyJey can you take screenshot on list VPS? You can contact @virtualizor via Skype with id "virtualizor". They response via Skype faster.

  • KeyJeyKeyJey Member
    edited September 2015

    Added them to my Skype, waiting for its reply. Thanks jazz !

  • Whats on the other side of the SS?

  • Ops, seems that crop didn't work correctly, fixed now.

    Anyway, this is a bug, right now I have 2 chrome tabs, and one of them allows me to delete and the other one not ! haha !

    I guess this is a browsers issue.

  • @KeyJey said:

    This reminded me old days with ACDSee....

  • I'll use ACDSee until the end of my days @Sady ;)

  • @KeyJay weird.

  • Sounds like a bug to me, when having more time will test broswers compatibility.

  • drserverdrserver Member, Host Rep

    check browser console, may be some javascript error

  • Well, not VM, but this is also ACDC. Is virtualizor free to try on home use?

  • GM2015 said: Is virtualizor free to try on home use?

    Free trial to test and cheaper license for < 10 VM's.

    Thanked by 1GM2015
  • virtualizorvirtualizor Member
    edited September 2015

    @KeyJey which chrome version are you using ? Also which OS are you on. I checked my Chrome browser and it seems to be working on Windows.

  • Try stop/shutdown VM and then try delete.

  • @virtualizor I use to have always an updated version, but anyway, after some hours that didn't happen anymore. I'm sure it's something about the code + chrome.

    I'm in Win7 SP1, all upgraded all the time (I hate this, sight)

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