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QNX on a VPS ?
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QNX on a VPS ?

IndicIndic Member
edited August 2011 in General

It might sound a bit crazy idea.

Just like to know if anyone have any experience in deploying QNX on a VPS or dedi?
In my work I use QNX on embedded platforms, but I am aware that it is very scalable, portable and its self healing feature (comes from QNX's microkernel architecture) makes it ideal for server platform. Anyone have done any experiment on this?


  • You can do it, but you would need full virtualization, I know that it works on vmWare and on Microsoft HyperV. As for KVM and Xen HVM not really sure.

    Maybe one of the readers from the forum could make a small install test on KVM and let us know.

  • QNX is robust and scalable, but i think the stability and scalability problems in web apps lies in the application it self, not in the operating system.

  • First I've ever heard of it.

    Linkie in case someone else is in the same boat:

  • @pepaya you are right. But still 'adaptive partitioning', 'drivers as userland process' makes it very stable. Also it has far better POSIX support than linux.

    @thekreek Apart from VMware & HyperV, QNX runs on QEMU, so it should run on KVM I guess.

  • @indic

    yeah, but you introduce another problems : software that can run on QNX is as not much as software that can run on linux.

    Except you want to run router on your VPS :)

  • @pepaya True

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