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Map/Connect to Windows network/shared drive over wan/internet?
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Map/Connect to Windows network/shared drive over wan/internet?

FreekFreek Member
edited November 2012 in Help

I'm trying to connect or 'map' a network/shared drive over the internet/wan in Windows 7. I know this is possible since I've done it before but I just can't get it back to work again.
The host PC is Windows 7 Prof and is behind a DMZ. For testing I even turned off the Windows firewall but no joy.
I can ping the IP and get an answer, but I can't map the network drive, it just times out.
Any clues?
I'm not looking for a VPN or Hamachi like solution. I know what I'm doing is not very secure but that's no problem. It's more like a PoC and won't be used in a production environment so don't worry ;)

Thanks :)


  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    Trying SMB?
    Then first thing is to check your network "type". If its public, work or home.
    If its set to public, file/print services aint enabled.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I believe this is samba.
    The type is home. It worked before on this setup. Only this is the first time since a month booting it, since the RAM was broken and hadn't found the time yet to replace it (co-located).

  • port forward on router? samba use port 139 and 445

  • @Freek

    "times out"
    checked out remote firewall? (iptables?)

  • @arieonline said: port forward on router? samba use port 139 and 445

    It's behind a DMZ so that shouldn't be necessary, but just as a test I forwarded them but made no difference.

    @BronzeByte said: "times out"

    checked out remote firewall? (iptables?)

    I turned the remote firewall off for this test, still no joy :\

    I just can't understand why this suddenly stopped working. I know it worked in the past, that's the odd thing about it!

  • Your ISP is likely blocking it.

  • Could be but unlikely since it worked before (4 weeks ago) on the same setup and ISP.
    Anyway, what would be the best way around this aka the best way to share a HDD over the internet without VPN?

  • Two other options -

    Webdav might be your answer if you just want to move a bunch of stuff- apache/lighttpd both have modules and setup is simple. Last time I checked Windows including 7 wouldn't webdav over https, just http. But since you're willing to expose samba, what the hell? You might be able to do it via a ssh port forward, never tried this on the Windows end.

    Or you could use NFS - there's a command line client in windows 7 (possibly only certain versions, or maybe you just need to add it to the home-etc version).

    In either case, you can trivially restrict the IPs so at least you're only at risk of having your data snooped. I would imagine NFS will give you better performance as webdav always seems clunky to me.

  • Thanks for the tips. I'll check webdav out, looks promising.
    Yes, I am not exchanging any nuclear missle codes or anything, so if they want to have my files, be my 'guest'. Just some downloaded TV Series so nothing fancy or classified stuff.

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