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cPanel DNS Only
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cPanel DNS Only

ServerSharpServerSharp Member, Host Rep
edited November 2012 in Help

Setting up the first DNS Only server..

It has 2 boxes for the nameservers. What would I put in there? It's a DNS only server so I assumed I'd only have to put one nameserver in there (because I have 2 servers - one for each nameserver).

Like here:
This is the server for so why does it ask me for 2 nameservers??


  • I think it's just for information - I usually enter ns1.mydomain.tld in the first box and ns2.mydomain.tld in the second box.

  • ServerSharpServerSharp Member, Host Rep

    Okay, so would I do the same on the 2nd DNS only server?

    Also, I understand I need to use clustering to get all the DNS information to synchronize. In the clustering section ( would I need to add the other cPanel DNS only server as well as the main cPanel server or not?


  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited November 2012

    We set it up like this:

    Main cPanel Server
    ↳Cluster 1 UK - ns1. (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳Cluster 2 USA - ns2. (Synchronise Changes)
    I believe this is the recommended way of doing it however, you can use your main server and 1 dns only, the main server is automatically added after you add your first cluster to the path diagram

  • Yeah, put the same information in each server.

    Personally I synchronize all my DNS servers to the full cPanel server, like StormVZ showed above.

    I have mine like this:
    Main cPanel Server - RS1
    ↳ NS1-01 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS1-02 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS1-03 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS1-04 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS2-01 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS2-02 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS2-03 (Synchronise Changes)
    ↳ NS2-04 (Synchronise Changes)

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