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[Solved] wordpress migration to vps. - Page 2
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[Solved] wordpress migration to vps.



  • Its his problem anyways. If he has posted here some of his configs, could have been resolved in minutes as most people here does WP.

  • edited November 2012

    I've asked it twice, and it's for private. So, I will not ask for it again :p
    It was just like this :

    • I bought a cat in a bag. I don't know what colour is that cat, I don't know how that cat looks like. But I only hear it saying "meow"
  • I've migrated wordpress sites before, but with a help of cpanel, I'm turning to controlling the whole server thing, because of some personal reason. I'm just checking with you guys if i missed something, maybe persmissions or whatever and like i said it's a private site, if i wanted to post the url or configs, i would already. I'm thankful for the guidelines and tips. Now, moderators can close this topic. :)

  • @juan how did you solve it in the end?

  • I just did a fresh install, since there is still no post. Uploaded my theme. I'm designing my own theme that's why i want my wordpress on my localmachine first before uploading to hosting.

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