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  • @enitan092 said: and the idea was for some one to type how to go about it than practically downing me ..

    If you are a reseller anyway continue reselling even with VPS.


    1) Learn how to setup a server. Learn how to install an operating system, Linux kernel modules, etc... learn how to use virtualization of different kinds. You're almost there now.

    2) Hire someone to do all this. There are either individuals that need work or server management companies that would do this.

  • @concerto49
    thanks alot

  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited November 2012

    @enitan092 said: i already own a cpanel hosting reseller used for personal projects and friends.

    so now am trying to expand .
    and the idea was for some one to type how to go about it than practically downing me ..

    @enitan092 - In this line of work your motivation just can't be money, I am sorry to say this. If you are good at it, the money will follow.

    That being said, here is what you should do:

    • forget about cPanel and learn how to set up a proper server from the command line
    • learn how to properly secure it
    • if you are confident that you can do that start learning about the virtualization technologies that you want to offer
    • you master them then you can start offering VPS products.
    • only when you feel confident that you can master all of the above should you expand your business to offering VPS, shared hosting and so on, because being a re-seller is simply not enough to make the jump to hosting.
    • and the most important thing: do you have capital, and if so, do you have at least $10K to sink into this project?

    So as you go a bit deeper into this you will see that it's more complicated than it seems. Why everyone is making fun of you? Simply because when you ask questions like " how to i become a proper hosting provider wher i dont have to buy a reseller package from another hosting provider who buys form a datacenter..." you will be ridiculed because it shows everyone that you don't have a fraking clue about what exactly you want to do and even if you manage somehow to get it going people will remember this, and every time you will frak up something people will point back to this thread. Now you understand?

    Edit: Thank you Battlestar Galactica for providing us with one of the most useful words ever: frak

  • @marcm
    thanks a lot
    would do just that..
    the motivation is not money ..
    i just love it....

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