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Domain name, is it worth anything?
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Domain name, is it worth anything?

rzlostyrzlosty Member
edited November 2012 in Help

Hi guys,

I have a domain name. Its three letters, its a word, and its something super internet related, however its a .co

Is it worth anything? & if so, where would you recommend selling it?
Also, how long would you wait before selling it?



  • ZettaZetta Member
    edited November 2012

    I am not going to appraise a name that I don't even know if you aren't going to say outright what it is.
    $7-12/year for renewal

  • Sorry, i know i didn't say what it was, but i was getting a feel for the responses before i purchased it.

    Ill buy it now, its only a few quid and then ill post it on here in a few mins!

    Thanks for your reply.

  • @rzlosty said: Ill buy it now, its only a few quid and then ill post it on here in a few mins!

    I hope you're not planning to auction it here..

  • Funny you won't say what it is (I guess cuz you didn't register it yet), and you're asking if it's worth anything? I imagine at best it's only worth the registration fee, if you think a domain alone (that you could currently register) has any worth you're probably delusional , as when people now days buy a domain at an auction they are not buying it solely for the name but the history behind the domain name and any traffic it has bought due to that history.

    A domain without a history needs to have one built before you can even think of selling it.

  • rzlotsy inbox me the name.

  • Sorry to have wasted your time guys :)

    Im new to all this domain business. If i could close/delete this thread I would.

    Thanks for your comments anyway.

  • bamnbamn Member
    edited November 2012

    If you're new, you have a lot to learn. I'm going on 3 years here and have a pretty good portfolio so far.

    Also don't expect more than $1000 out of this forum. Folks will pump you auction up, back out when you clearly say you cannot back out or withdraw or near the height of the auction, another community member whines saying they don't have the money so the previous winning bid withdraws or hands it over to that guy.

    All my $1000+ domains are going on Sedo. I figure their costs associated with their site is why I should keep it up at a decent minimum sale and you need to incorporate those fees into what you sell your domain as.

    I like this forum, don't get me wrong but anything what you are talking about is not even worth trying on here because it will be a disappointment as there is no forum modification to handle domain auctions

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