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Personal VPS needed (outgrown old one)
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Personal VPS needed (outgrown old one)

drkkrobotdrkkrobot Member
edited November 2012 in Help

right now i'm hosted on a Canadian VPS server for the past year and find my needs have outgrown what i have currently, their EULA seems to limit my current needs:

64mb ram/128mb burst, 20gb space, 1 IP#, 200gb bw, Debian 5.0
no torrent/irc access , no VPN, no VNC access, no reverse dns.
15$ a quarter.

My uses for it:
I use it mainly for small personal webpage, file backups, personal ftpd, have a script to mirror to my dropbox. and sometimes link private files on it to share with friends. as we are photographers and music hobbyists. sharing music samples/photo shoots etc.

Why i want to upgrade:
now that i use mainly wifi on my laptop and travel a lot, i can't download torrents from the random wifi i do get, but i can download from ftp the torrents my server downloads. but got a notice its against EULA, even though i limited upstream (seeding) to 20kb/s global. and wasn't using as a seedbox, just till i get 1:1 ratio to be fair to swarm. (i hate leechers)

Privacy is an issue now so i would like a VPN to encrypt my web traffic over wifi, though not needed i would like irc access so i can use bitchx to connect to my irc shell or even connect directly to some servers where i am not worried about DDoS/privacy.

Would like:
96mb ram+/168mb burst, 25gb space, 2+ ipv4, 350gb bw
personal occasional torrent/irc access, VPN and reverse DNS,
i prefer freebsd/netbsd but am okay with debian etc.

I registered my personal domain 10 years ago, if i can find something to suite my personal needs i will be a customer for the long term. as well as put your weblink on my webpage. I dont care if its a slow processor or 10mbit port or something. my personal domain is

advice is welcomed.


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