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VPS with API/RESTful interface
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VPS with API/RESTful interface

NateNate Member
edited November 2012 in Help


Not sure this is possible, but gonna try:

We are a Web Application provider who would like to automate our client on-boarding process.

Currently, every time we setup a client, we need to manually set up their server, get a domain name, SSL cert and then install their back end.

We would like to implement a client signup process that would kick off automated VPS creation, select domain name and install SSL certificates. To do so, we need programmatic access to the VPS provider through some sort of API. Ideally a single API would offer VPS, Domain name and SSL signup. However, if just the VPS signup is available through the API, we can signup for domain and SSL through another provider.

1) Is API access too much to ask for a low-end provider?
2) Anyone have a suggestion for a provider?


  • Scalr might be worth having a look at

    Most EC2-esque services have an API. I personally like Joyent's, due to their 20TB free bandwidth. Not great value for money though.

  • Great, will check them out..

  • DigitalOcean have an API -

  • TazTaz Member
    edited November 2012

    Why don't you write a simple script to do everything (I.e. server setup, domain/DNS , install SSL). A simple kick starter script with variable that you provide during initial execution should do the trick.

  • Also if you require multiple vps, why not setup your own node or get a solusvm reseller?

  • @ server - yep, digitalocean looks good, prices are a bit high though
    @Taz - like this direction.. essentially we are resellers og VPS, Domain and SSL, so this would work

  • WintereiseWintereise Member
    edited November 2012

    Get your own server, write your own provision scripts.

    Would allow you to be in full control, something that's always nice to have when reselling.

  • An alternative would be to hire someone to do this manually for you, a guy from low-income country with technical knowledge can do wonders for you for $5.
    How many servers per month do you need provisioned usually?

  • Fiverr and nerdytech = pure awesome freelance work for less money .

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