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Suggestions for Router supporting BGP
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Suggestions for Router supporting BGP

zafouharzafouhar Veteran
edited November 2012 in Help

Does anyone have any suggestions for a Router supporting BGP Sessions? I prefer a Cisco Router.



  • Near all cisco routers support BGP protocol.Its a feature of cisco IOS.The deal is what will you use BGP for ? For example if you intend to use cisco router for multi-homing multiple 10gbps mean multiple full route bgp sessions you will need a high-end cisco 7xxx or 12xxx router.

  • I will be using the Cisco Router to announce IP Subnets basically. From what i remember in the past i think BGP needed some minimum RAM?

  • rds100rds100 Member
    edited November 2012

    How much PPS, how much total bandwidth throughput, how many BGP sessions and how many routes learned over these BGP sessions?
    And what kind of interfaces do you need.

  • imperioimperio Member
    edited November 2012

    Announcing IP subnets via BGP does not require high-end cisco router.Any cisco router that supports BGP protocol can announce and receive a few IP subnets.If you intend to receive full internet ipv4 routes via IP transit provider as there are about 500K ipv4 BGP prefixes right now you need at least 512mb better 1gb RAM cisco router to compensate future grow.

  • It will be 100mbps the total bandwidth throughput @rds100. I suppose i will need 100mbps interfaces.
    I am not very experienced with BGP sessions/routes myself so i am not very sure of that.

  • Do you know of any specific models that support BGP Protocol? @imperio

  • @zafouhar if 100Mbps is all you need and you only need to announce your subnets and maybe get a defaultroute over BGP, then get a cisco 3550 with EMI image and it should be fine. It's the cheapest and lowest footprint solution (from cisco).

    It doesn't do ipv6 though, don't know if you need it.

  • Well the Datacenter doesn't support IPv6 currently however they will soon so probably its better to find a Router that can support IPv6. Can i also Nullroute IP's with Cisco 3550? @rds100
    Also if it has a Web-Management Panel of some sort.

  • Assuming you will get single 100mbps metroethernet fiber connection from an internet service provider cisco 2900 router will be sufficient enough.You can announce your IP subnets and receive default route via BGP.If you are planning to have more than one ISP connection you may choose for 3900 series for better performance and grow.

  • Be careful with these if you get hit with an attack the router will fall over. You are better off with something like a ASR 1001 If you want to go used, get an old 7206vxr with an npe-g2. If you really don't need any routes (just default + advertise) getting an l3 switch will solve the pps issue.

    Otherwise forget cisco, go with Vyatta on x86 and you can built a decent solution for 1/10 the price at the same pps.

    Other things to look into but not yet available are or some microtik stuff. There is one mikrotik for $500 that will do 1mm pps but i'm not very familiar with their gear.

  • Are you referring to thee RB1100AH @unused?

  • @zafouhar if 100Mbps is all you need and you only need to announce your subnets and maybe get > a defaultroute over BGP, then get a cisco 3550 with EMI image

    One thing I always mention with 3550s is the limited number of SVIs, which may be an issue, depending on the use case.

  • I checked with my supplier, we can't find a 7206VXR NPE-G2 but we can find a 7206VXR - i am unsure on what the difference is but would that be fine? @unused

  • The 7206VXR we found is the NPE-300 @unused

  • The 7206VXR would be 3U, how much space do you have?

  • I've got 20U total, however i have already shipped 14U of equipment so i have 6U available. @rds100

  • Before you buy something that you maybe don't need - do you have your own AS and at least /24 netblock?

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    @rds100 Does he need an ASN for PA space? Cause if it is PI space and AS is needed, he'd need to be multihomed as well, if I remember correctly, which will probably rule out the cheapest solutions available.

  • rds100rds100 Member
    edited November 2012

    @Alex_LiquidHost he needs an AS if he wants to have his own router which speaks BGP. To just have his (/24 multiple) address space announced/routed by the DC he doesn't need an AS or BGP speaking router.

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    @zafouhar said: I prefer a Cisco Router

    Got money?

  • @Nick_A said: Got money?

    This guy was looking at $100,000 firewalls last week wasn't he?

  • Do you really need to do BGP? What is the reason for thinking you need it?

  • Well the Datacenter told me that I need to do BGP. @Microlinux

    And to say the truth i cannot understand why, here are the facts:

    • I am colocating.
    • The Datacenter will assign to me a /21 IPv4 subnet.

    I think that the Datacenter should do the BGP and i need only a Switch in my rack.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    Ask them to announce the IP's through their ASN?

  • You're sure they specifically said BGP? I can see why they would want you to route that, but I'm not sure why they would ask you to setup BGP.

  • Yes they had specifically said that we need a Router for BGP @Microlinux, but it seems i confused the Datacenter when i had asked if i can Nullroute the IP's myself, anyway the Datacenter will announce the IP's through their ASN.

    As such the issue is resolved now and i don't need a Router, a Switch is fine and this makes more sense now.

  • Brocade makes solid routers, and much cheaper than Cisco stuff... the IOS is a little different than Cisco's, but not much...

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