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Everyone on the oneplusone/two vibe but what about the Sagus V^2 21 MP Camera?
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Everyone on the oneplusone/two vibe but what about the Sagus V^2 21 MP Camera?

ShivamShivam Member
edited July 2015 in General

What do you guys think, i'm thinking about getting it over the iphone 6 plus haha only will miss the facetime feature :(


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  • KupolKupol Member

    How much will it cost? I would pay 300euro.

  • Dual MicroSDXC Slots (400GB expandable storage using SanDisk’s 200GB memory cards)*

    Pretty cool.

    Wireless Qi Charging Built-in

    Cool as well.

    But how much will it cost? Sounds like a 500EUR phone while the oneplusone/two is like 350 or so...

  • FritzFritz Veteran

    Wow. Good specs.

  • Nice root access :D and multi boot.

  • ShivamShivam Member

    It is pretty high up, around $650 + free shipping :P

    Right now you can order it through its fund raiser haha! it raised above $1 million!!!!!

  • ShivamShivam Member

    its waterproof aswell :P i'm ordering one for sure!

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    Was going to get one but at the current exchange rate that's close to $1000 AUD. Will probably get one when I'm planning on getting a new phone.

  • ShivamShivam Member

    Think about it this way. Iphone will get to the specs listed on this phone when its iphone 15s :)

  • MallerMaller Member

    It's nothing new. It has the same specs as Xperia Z3.

  • ShivamShivam Member

    Lol dead. Xperia Z3 aint got dat storage and probably many other things

  • MallerMaller Member

    I really don't see the big deal. It's not like it's above average.
    Sounds to me like your trying to promote this phone for some reason. @Shivam

  • ShivamShivam Member

    If i was to promote this phone, i'd probably want something in return. Firstly, its a sponsored phone so i mean i wont get anything out of it. Secondly I found out about it yesterday. Also so what your saying everyone who shares unique phones are promoters?

  • Just too bad these smaller brands have..maybe not so good looking designs as bigger brands have. In my opinion this one looks a bit strange.

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