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Dedicated HDD/SSD VPS? - Page 2
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Dedicated HDD/SSD VPS?



  • @Stevie its not a dedicated hard disk, its a RAID10 array with dedicated space, dedicated CPU and dedicated RAM

  • sdglhmsdglhm Member

    I still don't understand your view on Dedicated disk. Runabove and Vultr doesn't offer dedicated hard drives for their customers. But delimiter slot hosting does.

    Also if you're OK with vultr and runabove technologies, you should be fine with any onApp based provider or even VPS providers with KVM technology.

    If you need to use your very own harddisk with the server. Best hit is delimiter slot hosting then a dedicated server.

  • I really wonder where you could get a "dedicated" 10Gig hard drive and put it onto a modern server.

    Maybe we are talking about 80286 hosting or something?

  • 4n0nx4n0nx Member dedicated server (6€/mo. + 20€ setup for 500GB HDD) or oneprovider ( reseller for 7€/mo. without setup fee) (160GB HDD)

  • SadySady Member

    Why don't you get simply a kimsufi or That would be your best bet.
    Keep drive failing thing in your head before going to either of single dedicated drive offers.

  • @sdglhm said:
    But KVM also can oversell. <news for summer sales>

    It's been possible to oversell Xen/KVM disk space and ram for a long time now .

  • sdglhmsdglhm Member

    OnraHost said: It's been possible to oversell Xen/KVM disk space and ram for a long time now .

    Yes. But some yet market KVM as they cannot oversell ;)

  • cassacassa Member

    @drserver has some HVM vms. PM him and you probably get a great deal

    Thanked by 1drserver
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