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Try to setup VPS with IPV6 only, but having a problem route to IPV4
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Try to setup VPS with IPV6 only, but having a problem route to IPV4

cupidcupid Member, Host Rep
edited November 2012 in General


I try to setup vps with IPV6 only, but i can't router to any IPV4

server are openvz,
anyone have any clue way ?


  • rds100rds100 Member
    edited November 2012

    Come again?

    When you have ipv6-only you can't connect to ipv4. That's the definition of ipv6-only.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    What are you trying to achieve?

  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    You have to be more specific. Does the host node have native IPv6? Or are you trying to Tunnel IPv6 within an OpenVZ container (which isn't gona happen)?

    PS: The op @cupid is advertising his IPv6 services here ( ), yet doesn't seem to have a handle on it himself.

    Also being Kansas City, I assume maybe Wholesale Internet for the datacenter, which provides a native IPV6 /64 block to a dedicated server, once you have IPv6 added natively on the host node, you can just simply add IPv6 in SolusVM to assign to the containers (since based on OP's signature) seems to be providing them out per-address.

    A long time ago I did this write up on getting IPv6 to work with venet device, (which course seems to be less of an issue now days)

    If none of this is what you are looking for, then you need to be far more specific in your question.

  • cupidcupid Member, Host Rep


    thanks for all replays,
    yes - 1 native ipv6, i try to tunnel ipv6 to ipv4,
    can it be done without nat ?

    i'm using solusvm control panel.

  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    Why do you want to tunnel 6 to 4 if you got native on the machine? If visitors are using IPv6 they'll be able to connect to an IPv6 endpoint, but if they're IPv4 and you have no IPv4 to connect to, then it won't work.

    Also as you have native IPv6 (/64 I think). Why not just assign the address to the OpenVz container, if they need IPv4 connectivity, assign them a IPv4 address.

    If you received a /64 block from your provider, then you can use SolusVM to "generate" a bunch of IPv6 addresses to assign to containers, in a /64 you're given a possible 18 quintillion addresses, assuming you're confused bout what you were given with a native IPv6 address.

  • In SolusVM -> IP Blocks -> Add IPv6 Block (assuming you already added it to the host node), fill in the Gateway and netmask, once added you can then go back and generate a range of addresses from it, then can assign them to containers.

  • cupidcupid Member, Host Rep


    i try to save the price for IPV4 and give only IPV6, but also the vps should be able to connect to IPV4,
    is there is a way to do that without nat ?

  • cupidcupid Member, Host Rep

    IPV6 are working great with solusvm, but still can't route to ipv4.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    @cupid said: is there is a way to do that without nat ?


  • cupidcupid Member, Host Rep

    ok, thank you all :-)

  • As other's said, you shouldn't have any problems providing IPV6-only VPSes... just no one with only IPv4 will be able to connect to them.

  • cupidcupid Member, Host Rep

    Dear kbeezie,

    the advertise we are running are for ipv6 and ipv4 together, i try to setup a server with only IPV6.

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