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How to run a command on boot? CentOS and Ubuntu
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How to run a command on boot? CentOS and Ubuntu

JokerJoker Member

I have a .sh file that need to be run every time after restarting OS so is there a way to make it possible on every start up instead of me running the file through command line each time i restart the VPS?

current command i use is: (after getting into that folder)

./ run

how can i make it automatic so with every restart it runs automatically?


  • you restart so very often? lol

    how bout chkconfig?

  • JokerJoker Member

    Yes i restart very often and i don't want to run the command every time lol i am a bit lazy

  • is what you're looking for.

  • JokerJoker Member

    @stackmutt thanks can i use rc.local to stop the script before shutdown as well? or there is no chance of getting my app file or database corrupt if i shutdown/restart it before running the stop command.

    for stop i use:

    ./ stop

  • afaik you'll need to go the chkconfig or the like route if you want 'proper' behaviour.

  • AeneAene Member

    What about adding:

    @reboot /path/to/script.h

    to your crontab?

  • Or what about
    mv /etc/init.d/script chmod 755 /etc/init.d/script update-rc.d script defaults

    This should run the script on every system startup.

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