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What do you use your VPS(s) - Page 2
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What do you use your VPS(s)



  • tinyraytinyray Member
    edited November 2012

    to see what's the difference when another deal comes out.

  • Another one of these threads.


    Don't ask me.

  • 4 VPS for backup :)
    1 for vpn
    2 for web server
    1 for mail server
    2 for fun

    other vps
    login to server
    rm -fr /
    and reinstall os :P

  • Trying to deplete the number remaining IP4 addesses... :P

  • I use a $15/year VPS to earn over $150/month from ads on the website on the VPS.

  • @dmmcintyre3 said: I use a $15/year VPS to earn over $150/month from ads on the website on the VPS.

    So... what you're saying is...

    You're buying us all servers?

  • One of my 128Mb debian VPS is a personal audio streaming server with logitech media server ( ). The iPad client (squeezepad) is nice and I use it to send the stream to the PC (free streaming client software), HiFi (with a Logitech Squeezebox), or to the iPad itself. The setup is easy:

    dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_7.7.2_all.deb 

    edit /etc/apt/sources.list to add the multiverse repository, then

    apt-get update
    apt-get install lame libmp3lame0

    then set the access password using the logitech media server web interface. It is a simple and cheap way to access a complete music library on the iPad.

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    @pcan That's an interesting media setup.

  • Full credit to @Elliotj for the nice idea, see the original post here:

    The iPad controller app is the real plus; if you don't need support for Logitech devices or a polished iPad user interface, the media server could be a better solution.

    You will find more technical documentation about this streaming server and clients here:

  • TheHackBoxTheHackBox Member
    edited November 2012

    Web Server + ZNC + Tahoe LAFS (for @joepie91 and myself) + compiling OpenWRT at times + VPN

  • @giang said: 1 1GB SSD URPad special: Running a billing system

    Honored to have you with us ;)

  • Testing and storage

  • Just three in active use at the moment for a project I'm working on. I've managed to 'retire' most (11ish) of my boxes since I'm using Constant's S3 storage and MaxCDN.

    Two are running as reverse proxies to S3 to reduce the bandwidth costs. Files are only purged after 24 hours, so it helps out if there's a surge in demand.
    The main one is running MariaDB, PHP-FPM, Redis and Nginx.

  • So far:

    • Web server
    • Vpn server
    • File server
  • I have 3 vps:

    -Web server

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    @chinmoy I love OwnCloud, one of the best things to put on a spare VPS.

  • most of time, i use the VPS to put a probe :(

  • learn linux and try every linux template on solusvm

  • @arieonline said: learn linux and try every linux template on solusvm

    Good idea, I am going to try some I've never used.

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Patron Provider

    Running an IRC network, a storage grid, a bunch of sites, a Git hosting service with repository browser, and some other stuff.

  • 1xwebsite
    2xtesting+personal content scraper

  • Streaming. So much streaming.

    Two or three servers host sites, though.

  • Running a blog with 2-3 visitor/day. I'm counted.

  • I use 2 for DNS, 2 for Backups the rest for websites, I have about 4,500 domains and 90 developed websites.

  • 4,500 domains? Wow... thats a lot

  • @arieonline said: learn linux and try every linux template on solusvm

    This is GREAT!!!

  • @W1V_Lee said: I use 2 for DNS, 2 for Backups the rest for websites, I have about 4,500 domains and 90 developed websites.

    How do you manage that so much domain?

  • Some automated scripts and good management, it's built up over the years, well I used to have over 10,000 domains, between 1999-2004 was great for domain selling, I was purcashing domains on one day for $10 and selling it soon after for between $100-$5000. Those were the days :)

    These days though it's so much harder, sales are slower the values are less (if you want to get a reasonably quick sale)

    Of the better domains I have it is more worth while to develop them as the price is higher plus domain parking with ads is not as beneficial nowadays, the majority can spot them as ads and dont click.

    However its still more worthwhile than going back to being a hosting provider :)

  • tor relay , i2p and Freenet

  • JTRJTR Member
    edited November 2012

    512MB with DDoS-protected IP (BuyVM): Websites (nginx), torrents, IRC (ZNC bouncer, development platform for some IRC bots), personal VPN (I don't use it often), mysql server for websites, general development box.

    256MB Xen (CVPS): IRC bot, MySQL DB for said bot, and a small webserver. I'll probably think of some other projects to use this for later.

    256MB [100GB disk] (BlueVM): Holding some backups of things, soon to be storage for backups of the other two VPSs (and maybe some important stuff from home, although I already have redundant onsite backups of everything).

    Not bad for ~$15/mo...

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