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Problem transferring existing server to Linode
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Problem transferring existing server to Linode

rchurchrchurch Member
edited July 2015 in Help

I need to transfer an existing server to Linode but it seems that the Linode disk configuration is completely different and I am find the Finnix rescue disk also inadequate.

Normally when I want transfer a server to another, mostly KVM. I simply install SystemRescueCD and us gparted to format the disk, then from there I transfer the data, configure grub, and set the grub.cfg to the necessary partitions and just get on with it. But with Linode the system is different. It seems their disks don't have MBRs or stuff like that.
Finnix also doesn't seem to have a graphic option and I am really done with command line parted and fdisk.

They don't seem to be the KVM I am familiar with it and it looks like there are no 32bit images in their list of options. In a nutshell I just want to get gparted running on one of the allocated disks, configure grub and continue from there.

Any ideas?


  • What I intend to do now is to get a minimal graphics based system running on /dev/sdb and use it format /dev/sda with an mbr and grub2, and see if I can transfer my data there, get it to boot and see.

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