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Free 10 GB (forever) backupspace ...
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Free 10 GB (forever) backupspace ...

mikhomikho Member, Host Rep
edited November 2012 in General

We all hate the term "cloud" but here's another free for life offer. Usually it's 5 gb but now the offer is doubled for 10 days only.

I am in no way affiliated with this, it was just a link passed on from a close friend.


  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited November 2012

    To be honest, none of these are very useful for me, because I've reached the point where the important documents and stuff are getting quite large and they're constantly changing but my upload speed is so dismal.. The only solution for me right now is on-site backups then every week or so rsync it to an offline/external server.

    Not to negate what you posted, it will be useful for some people ;)

  • Pogoplugs are pretty cool little ARM devices. Low wattage and fairly low performance, but enough for less used data storage. Same family board base as Sheevaplugs and many other "plug" named solutions.

    Pogo created their own web-based interfaces to manage and stream data from the devices.

    Your data had been stored on your device until some recent change at Pogo.

    Now with this, your data is floating off to some black abyss. Growl.

    Must be 100's of these free 5-10GB storage offers out there.

    If I can't use Linux tools to manage the data and tie them lightweight to my workstation or server I think of them as throwaway toys for data that isn't unique, valuable, etc.

    Unsure why folks are so hell bent on putting their life on storage somewhere with no idea of security protocols, how they handle the data, etc.

    Be very careful.

  • @Infinity said: my upload speed is so dismal..

    I hear ya! I once figured out that with constant uploading I can upload just over 80GB. Per month.

  • Thank's for the information.
    I will tell my friend with compatible phone to use it :)

  • @MikHo Thanks for the info. Registered 1 account.

    I think they are using owncloud for this service.

    The speed is great.

    I like the unique email upload feature. This is most useful to me while I am travelling.

  • grab 1 to backup my android phone :D

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