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Cheap Californian provider
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Cheap Californian provider

DavidxDavidx Member
edited November 2012 in General

I need a cheap Cali provider for a personal VPN with decent latency and what not. I'm looking for:

a decent amount of bandwidth
128- or 256 preferred memory
disk.. doesn't matter can be 700mb..

LA/SAN Jose areaish.


  • check @bluevm

  • CVPS_ChrisCVPS_Chris Member, Patron Provider

  • Hostigation

  • @CVPS_Chris said:

    Is my backup ready?

  • CVPS_ChrisCVPS_Chris Member, Patron Provider

    @Spencer said: Is my backup ready


  • @David_P said: Cali provider for a personal VPN with decent latency and what not.

    The 256mb ovz if you prefer month to month is only $4 and has 1tb of traffic, or a coupon still good on the yearly from the top provider poll

  • LA: Hostigation, BlueVM, NodeDeploy, CVPS, VPS6
    SJ: BuyVM, VortexUnit

  • @David_P For California @miTgiB at Hostigation and @CVPS_Chris at ChicagoVPS, they just started offering VPS servers in California. If it's all the same to you we are located in Phoenix, AZ and offer excellent service as well.

  • @CVPS_Chris said:


  • +1 for Vortex unit. Currently using them.

    @David_P, are you in that region/area near Los Angeles or San Francisco?

    Ask, because in our experience the latency to get out to those providers on the left coast is high. Fine for west coast if you are also there.

  • I'm 6 hours away from Los Angeles

  • @David_P said: I'm 6 hours away from Los Angeles

    @David_P North or East of LA?

  • @marcm said: North

    Does it matter..?

  • Well, if you are outside the USA in the Pacfic region then accustomed to latency lag.

    If you are in the USA or Canada, might be better suited for another major data hub market more closeby.

    For instance, where I am you'd think a provider on the US East coast would be good for VPN project. However, my home provider routes everything through Chicago first. Meaning Chicago is the best place for me to have such a service.

    Check where routing typically goes for your upstream and put something as close to that as possible. Only exception is when dealing with VPN for out-of-country GEO-identification services -- that's a different problem to tackle.

  • With Comcast in the Central Valley, LA and SJ are both ~20ms, Phoenix only ~35ms.

    Hostigation and ChicagoVPS in LA are a bit wonky though at the moment -- for some reason they're ~80+ms right now.

  • @David_P We had a KVM special for $7/mo. for 1GB KVM. Officially it's expired but I can still offer you that price. Location is Phoenix, AZ, which is 6 hours from Los Angeles. That's why I was asking by the way.

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep


  • @ihatetonyy said: VortexUnit

    @pubcrawler said: Vortex unit

    Thanks for supporting us :D. Once we launch officially sometime next month, we'll have our first LEB + LET deal.

  • San Jose and Los Angeles are really random and "wonky" in general. Nothing against the providers there per se.

    Unsure if lack of upstream providers, too much centralization on a few back haul providers or something. I've tried quite a few VPS providers in those two towns and it's blah, high latency to head back to east coast. Not uncommon to see 100ms from California to US Mid Atlantic inland.

    I highly recommend considering Kansas City, Chicago and Dallas. All are central and often better latency in general.

  • @pubcrawler said: I highly recommend considering Kansas City, Chicago and Dallas. All are central and often better latency in general.

    Phoenix in that mix too.

    If you don't need connectivity to Asia, consider Portland or Seattle too.

  • @Damian,

    I haven't been impressed with I've seen in Vegas and Phoenix. Experienced same latency issues. Receptive to some recommendations :)

    Portland and Seattle should be swimming in provider offers. Most offers seem to be same networks and same providers. That's another area I consider problematic with backhaul to US east.

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