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Looking For a large number of cheap Openvz US VPS.
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Looking For a large number of cheap Openvz US VPS.

8QE8QE Member
edited July 2015 in Requests

Hi everyone,

I am looking for about 20 Cheap openvz VPS for less than $20 / year. I will need to order about 300 - 400 VPS like this in next a few months. So this is a long term request :D

Each needs in the different B range, but if there are a few VPS in different C range instead of B, it also works.

I am not requesting a single provider for purchases of these VPS.(But if you can do, it is great.)

So if you want to advise me, please send me your referral link below :P

I have ordered servers from following providers, which i do not need to buy from them anymore.

Ramnode, Crowncloud, Serverhub, Owned-Networks, Hostigation, Httpzoom, Vpscheap, White Sands Hosting, VortexUnit, RIJX, ipsystemsltd, bandwagonhost, evobilling, 123systems, deepnetsolutions, hostus, virmach, weloveservers,, maximumvps, hostmist, 123systems, securedragon, crissic, nodeserv, toshost, alpharacks, hosttodo, vpsace, chicagovps and supremebytes.

Thanks very much!


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