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How to get to the real big resellers
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How to get to the real big resellers

I'm working for a D/C in Hong Kong,my duty is to get to the really big resellers in China. I find it very difficult as i can't even pass through the customer service. I know i have to correct my direction. Any idea for this poor little worker?


  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    I don't know what the general attitude is in China but in the UK people are sick to death of getting cold calls from people trying to sell them something, as such the customer services people or initial contact people would probably lose their jobs or reputation if they put everyone through that called to sell cheaper electric, gas, cell phone contracts, IT equipment, website hosting..... the list goes on.

    If you want to attract the BIG resellers the first thing you have to do is give them an incentive to even listen to you (this is assuming you know who they are to begin with), send them a gift, and not a shitty pen, a really nice gift like a pre paid gift card enclose a personalized letter with the gift and and information pack, all they have to do to activate the gift card is to book the appointment to talk with you or see you face to face.

    That way it might cost $50 to get a lead and some actual 1 on 1 time with the decision maker but if you just keep cold calling I promise your phone bill/salary will not justify the results at some point.

    This is assuming you have already identified the people you want, if you have not then stop picking up the phone blind and research x 100!

  • Thanks for that.However, I also find it's deadly hard to even get the contact information for those BIG resellers. When go up to those offical pages of reseller company, you will always get the Customer Service Contact and not the people i identified. I'm talking about i need to get through the wall (Customer Service) to get to the REAL boss. The CS always block me out when i mention my purpose.

  • probably your approach needs tuning. you'll need to ensure cs "sees" an opportunity and that their boss should need to hear what you have to say. selling skills, dude!

  • PM'd you. If your deals are good. We'll buy few nodes from you to test things out and if that went well, we'll use you as our asian location.

  • Thank you for the advices guys.

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