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Any Runabove Promo codes for June 2015 ?
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Any Runabove Promo codes for June 2015 ?

mehargagsmehargags Member
edited June 2015 in Help

Hi all,
Hope this is the right category to post this, I've just setup and Validated my new RunAbove account.

So are their any active promo codes I can use for some credit ??

I need to run a **Windows ** instance, Test out for a month & if all goes well, I'll keep the machine as production, avoiding the need to destroy and install everything again, so please advise if I should use "Snadbox" or "SteadFast" to make my VM now.

I'd like to run a custom Windows 7 image we have made for our corporate use and special applications, can I load the OS from my custom ISO?



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