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Force A record in /etc/hosts
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Force A record in /etc/hosts

twaintwain Member
edited October 2012 in General

CentOS 5.x box.. put the normal line in:

some ip

testing soon after...

host (on same box)

still returns value from caching servers...

does it take awhile to start using the value in the hosts file?

(BTW contents of/etc/host.conf is: order hosts,bind)


  • jhjh Member
    edited October 2012

    Try restarting nscd

  • I'm not sure if I understood correctly.

    But it's enough to just put 'IP hostname' in /etc/hosts, nothing more is needed. Also no restart, etc.

    Are you sure, that you put it directly in '/etc/hosts'

    The DNS / Hostname system is built to first look in /etc/hosts and if it doesn't find there the entry, then look on the resolvers.

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