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Bypass CPanel DNSOnly RAM check
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Bypass CPanel DNSOnly RAM check

spammyspammy Member

It seems that even the CPanel DNSOnly installer these days require minimum of 768MB of RAM even though for a relatively small DNSOnly set up, a 128MB box used to be more than enough.

Is there anyway we can bypass the check? There is a force install parameter but that doesn't seem to help.


  • Essentially - No. But if you install of the components yourself it will be fine. Just use BIND for your dns. If you're using it as part of a cPanel cluster environment i would suggest looking in to different methods, or simply upgrading your vps.

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  • spammyspammy Member

    may be time to learn some bind knowledge at last...

  • gonggogonggo Member
    edited June 2015

    If you're not using cpanel or only managed few domains, may be its good just install it from command line, or may be ISPconfig.

    I resized the VPS to higher RAM (1GB) in DigitalOcean, and after the install was finished I changed it back to 512mb. Maybe you can kindly ask your host to temporary upgrade the RAM during install.

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  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Patron Provider

    If you have an option, you can try upgrading and immediately downgrading VM after install.

    Bear in mind they might have put this requirement there for a reason. I haven't been trying to install DNSOnly on such small VMs yet.

    Bear in mind that some hosts won't allow downgrading hdd, you might need to backup and restore on a new smaller VM.

  • @spammy,

    You're just thinking the DNSOnly installer just installs BIND and that's it, well no it's not, it has the web frontend and a backend for management to work like a DNS cluster.

    They also don't want the users of the DNSOnly to complain about performance so they set them to an optimal level.

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