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KVM VPS in Europe, 4GB RAM and 200GB
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KVM VPS in Europe, 4GB RAM and 200GB

bauerjbauerj Member
edited June 2015 in Requests


I'm looking for a server that meets the following specs:

  • at least 4GB RAM
  • 200GB storage, preferably on an SSD
  • at least 2 cores
  • IPv4 adress and IPv6 subnet
  • at least 100Mbit/s up/down, the more the better
  • location: somewhere in Europe but not at Hetzner
  • no openVZ offers, preferably KVM


  • budget?

  • bauerjbauerj Member
    edited June 2015

    I would like not to spend more then 15€ (ca. £10.72 or $17.03)

  • BuyAdsBuyAds Member

    @bauerj said:
    I would like not to spend more then 15€ (ca. £10.72 or $17.03)

    Get a server at You cant find 200GB SSD in this budget.

  • bersybersy Member
    edited June 2015

    Prometeus/XenPower, Contabo

  • hamzahamza Member
    edited June 2015

  • CryckCryck Member


    I can also recommend, but you have to increase your budget to 19,39€ because of the 19% german VAT. And notice the setup fee (20€)!

    If you don't want to spend this much, feel free to pm me. (Here or t4u) ;)

  • Lower your ram and get a KS1 or increase your price for the first month and get a KS2

  • Hello, we can offer this : 40$ per month on 10 GBPS

    We can offer 200 GB HDD

    RAM 4 GB
    4 cores cpu
    Location : Netherlands


  • SpeedBusSpeedBus Member, Host Rep
    edited June 2015

    4 GB RAM

    200 GB HDD

    3 TB bandwidth/month

    4 cores of i7 3770/E3-1230v2/E3-1270v2/i7 3930k/i7 2770k

    1 IPv4 and 10 IPv6 (more IPv6 possible for free or a /80 of IPv6)

    More operating systems are available at the panel, custom operating systems are also possible, open a ticket with the link to the OS you want, and we'll load it.

    KVM based At Frankfurt, Germany (DC: AccleratedIT GMBH)


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  • cociucociu Member

    is a must ipv6 ?

  • MisterHost.NET can offer this configuration:

    150 GB HDD    
    Unlimited Traffic  
    4 GB RAM  
    4 GB Swap  
    Virtualization: KVM  
    4 CPU CORES  
    Control Panel: Virtualizor  
    Unlimited DDOS Protection  
    Malware Removal once if cPanel installed  
    Location: France, IP Geo Germany  
    1x IPV4  
    No IPv6 Support
    Self Managed  
    Windows available with your License  
    Money back Guarantee: 48 hours    
    cPanel license: $11.99/month    
    Monthly price: $19.40  
    3 months price: $55.00  
    Yearly Price: $199.00  
    Order link:  

    Can add 50 GB more disk per request via ticket for free.


  • bauerjbauerj Member
    edited June 2015

    @cociu said:
    is a must ipv6 ?

    No, IPv6 is not that important for me, but why would anyone not assign at least one IPv6 address to a server?

  • cociucociu Member

    @bauerj because in this time we look to buy more ipv4 no ipv6

  • bauerjbauerj Member

    cociu said: because in this time we look to buy more ipv4 no ipv6

    Well, you sure know more about this than I do, but aren't IPv6 adresses much cheaper compared to IPv4 adresses?

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