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Typo3 PHP slow servers
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Typo3 PHP slow servers

therrctherrc Member
edited October 2012 in Help

Hi. New here so hope you can help. We are a small charity that rescues racehorses and get around 100+ new visitors a day to our old website. A developer has built a new website for free with Typo3. We could not run this on our server due to PHP versions not supporting it. We moved to Hostpapa with all the new updated software but this turned out to be a red herring as the developer says their hardware wont support the high end programs that can run with these versions. PHP needed to be 5.3.11 above and 128 meg but hostpapa only have 64 meg servers.
The website is slow and I fear that our users will turn off to our new site unless we can come up with an alternative. You can view the test site at and please let me know what you think and if there is any anything we can do to improve the situation.
I don't know how much BW or disk space we need that's why we went for unlimited. Other providers have said they can tweak the PHP so it gives us 128 meg but the server still runs on 64 meg. And to move again now is a lot of work.
Any advice will be gracefully received.


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