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Affiliation commision
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Affiliation commision

kristalkristal Banned
edited November 2011 in General

So much money is getting "wasted" when each of us is buying their own vps without using any affiliation link. Not every company offers affiliations but some of them do.
Why not take advantage of that system?

We are a community after all so how about we help each other and use affiliation purchases to out benefit?

Going even further, how about sharing the commision made, as of: the buyer, using the affiliation link makes someone get commision which is then divided by the comissioner and shared with the buyer?

VPS companies/sellers may not be happy about this but hey, if u offer affiliation dont be suprised that people actually use it.

Just a thought... And what is Your opinion?


  • Bad idea.
    1.) LEB/LET does not allow affiliate links
    2.) Providers have a TOS for affiliate payouts aswell

    And anyway how cheap want you to go? You're paying less than 7 bucks a month for your VPS :P

  • 3) Because it's against the Affiliate Program policies of most providers?

    The only person here who should be making money directly off of the site is LEA. If you want to earn money for yourself through this site, buy some advertising.

    It's his site and his rules.

  • @kristal said: So much money is getting "wasted" when each of us is buying their own vps without using any affiliation link.

    Not really. Since many of us just switch back and forth within less than 90 days, the commission will be void anyway.

  • Scams like this are exactly why I abolished the affiliate system for Frantech/BuyVM.

  • oh, thanks for claryfying, i didnt know. i wouldnt go so far and call it a "scam"

  • @kristal it's a scam.

    Let's not go through this again, shall we? This makes what, the 5th or 6th times multiple people have tried to explain something to you?

    It's a scam. Actually probably illegal as well considering it probably would be considered fraud.

    Thanked by 1Aldryic
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